There are three ways to get started with our services:

  • Give us a call in order to complete a short phone intake. The phone intake is  to include: general information, what services you are looking for (it’s ok if you don’t know!), funding information and your main concerns.

  • Click here and complete our intake forms at a time that is convenient for you. You can also send them to us by fax at 920-358-7885, by mail, or drop them off at our clinic. We will follow up with a phone call to further clarify information and finalize the paperwork so that we can get you set up with the services you need.

  • Schedule a free 30-minute session to meet the therapist and check out the clinic space. If you are interested in doing so, a plan to set up therapy can be discussed.


  1. Physician Referral/prescription-Not required. It is helpful to show insurance company that therapy is medically necessary.

  2. Insurance card

  3. Moving Parts Therapy forms-Any forms that you have not previously returned.

  4. Reports from other providers-Feel free to also submit other reports that may be helpful

    (i.e., educational, psychology, medical)

  5. Socks for all adults and children. Socks are required for health protection in the clinic.

The next step is to complete the Intake Forms.  They can be found here, or can be requested from our office to be mailed to you.  It is vital that you return the completed forms. Please return these forms to our office by fax at 920-358-7885, or drop them off or mail them to us at W5669 County Road KK , Suite E Appleton WI 54915.

Once the forms are returned, we will contact you to schedule your initial sessions.  


**A note on physician’s prescriptions: As of 2016, the Wisconsin state code no longer requires a physician order/referral for you to get O.T. services. However, insurance companies may not have updated their policy on this, so to avoid delayed or unpaid claims it is best to have a physician's order for reimbursement by insurance. It is important that you work with your physician to describe the FUNCTIONAL, MEDICALLY NECESSARY deficits that are being experienced and get a written treatment diagnosis (A description for the deficit we are addressing) or a medical diagnosis from the MD.

As therapists, we do not provide a medical diagnosis. Our therapists will support and provide guidance regarding their observations, concerns, and make recommendations for further services or diagnostic assessments.

Please bring the prescription to your first scheduled appointment.


Moving Parts Therapy is a contracted provider for the following insurance companies:

  • Trilogy

  • Cigna

  • Magellan/WEA Trust

  • Multiplan

  • Humana 

  • United Health

  • Network Health

  • Anthem Blue Cross

If Moving Parts Therapy is not in your health plan’s provider network, you may have an out-of-network benefit that would apply.


We ask that you contact your insurance to verify that we are contracted with your plan and to confirm coverage and benefits as your plan may have exclusions and/or prior authorization may be required. You can also request to have Moving Parts Therapy added as a provider or ask for single case agreement. Please contact your insurance company for details. We also accept private pay for services; please contact our office for specifics regarding the private pay option. We are pursuing contracts with several more insurance providers and will update this information when we are accepting additional insurance plans.

When contacting your insurance company, it is important to verify the following information as it pertains to your insurance  coverage:

  1. Verify that we are contracted with your insurance plan.

  2. Find out if prior authorization is required.

  3. Deductible: This is portion of eligible medical expenses that you must pay before the insurance company will make any benefit payments.

  4.  Coinsurance: This is the percentage of coverage that the insurance company agrees to pay after your deducible is met.

  5. Out of pocket maximum: This is the maximum amount that you will be required to pay, according to your insurance policy.

  6. Ask if there a limit on the number of sessions that your policy allows.

Please feel free to call our office for more information or clarification.

If you have a change in medical insurance please notify us with the effective date of coverage and the new billing information as soon as possible.  Confirm your eligibility and benefits with your new plan.

If services are not covered by insurance, Moving Parts Therapy offers a significant discount for payment received at the time of service or will keep your current credit card on file to pay the monthly balance in full. Moving Parts Therapy is not legally able to provide a discount for balances after insurance payment (co-payments, co-insurance or deductible amounts).



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