Insurance Information



Moving Parts Therapy is a contracted provider for the following insurance companies:

  • Trilogy

  • Cigna-out of network benefits

  • Magellan/WEA Trust

  • Multiplan

  • Humana 

  • United Health

  • Network Health

  • Anthem Blue Cross

If Moving Parts Therapy is not in your health plan’s provider network, you may have an out-of-network benefit that would apply.


We ask that you contact your insurance to verify that we are contracted with your plan and to confirm coverage and benefits as your plan may have exclusions and/or prior authorization may be required. Please contact your insurance company for details. We also accept private pay for services.

When contacting your insurance company, it is important to verify the following information as it pertains to your insurance  coverage:

In Network (applies to insurances listed above)

To find out if you are eligible for in network insurance benefits for occupational therapy, call your insurance provider and ask:

  1. Verify that we are contracted with your insurance plan.

  2. Find out if prior authorization is required.

  3. Deductible: This is portion of eligible medical expenses that you must pay before the insurance company will make any benefit payments.

  4.  Coinsurance: This is the percentage of coverage that the insurance company agrees to pay after your deducible is met.

  5. Out of pocket maximum: This is the maximum amount that you will be required to pay, according to your insurance policy.

  6. Ask if there a limit on the number of sessions that your policy allows.

Out of Network (can be used when your insurance is not on the list above)

To find out if you are eligible for out of network insurance reimbursement benefits for OT, call your insurance provider and ask:

  • What are my benefits for out-of-network occupational therapy?

  • What is my out-of-network deductible?

  • How much of my deductible has already been met?

  • How many visits are allowed per calendar year?

  • What percentage of the fee per session is covered based on usual and customary charges?

  • Is prior authorization required?


Employer flex-plans

Find out whether your employer offers a “flex-plan.” If they do, this means you can elect to put away funds to pay for treatment with tax-free dollars, providing a substantial savings.

Please feel free to call our office for more information or clarification.

If you have a change in medical insurance please notify us with the effective date of coverage and the new billing information as soon as possible.  Confirm your eligibility and benefits with your new plan.



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