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Solutions for sensory processing challenges!

What if there were a better way to manage a child’s “meltdowns”?

The primary reason so many parents struggle with their child’s unpredictable meltdowns (longer than they should be) is often because they have been told to work on “discipline” with their children, take pills, or accept that it’s “an age thing” and their child will “grow out of it”. Can you relate?


Sensory challenges can cause tantrums and "meltdowns".

Take our Sensory Quiz to see if your child's meltdowns are sensory based!





Occupational therapy at Moving Parts Therapy provides solutions for sensory challenges!

Free 10 question Quiz: Does my Child Have sensory Challenges?

 Does your child seem unmotivated to learn at school? Are they smart, but not doing well in the classroom?

Postural core stability challenges can be the cause.

Kids can run and do gymnastics moves, but they may not be able to sit with ease in order to be able to do their best at school.

Free 10 question Quiz: Does my Child Have Postural Core Stability Challenges?

We Provide Solutions for Learning Challenges!

There are a lot of little things that concern you about your child...

They aren't that bad and no one else seems overly concerned about them...  

We specialize in helping high functioning individuals with sensory processing challenges!


Welcome to Moving Parts Therapy Services!

 Challenges addressed
  • Sensory processing challenges

  • Dyspraxia/Motor Planning

  • Handwriting

Who Do We See?

Individuals age 3 1/2 thru adulthood.

Areas of Expertise
  • Postural Core Strength

  • Sensory Processing

  • Eye hand coordination

  • Bilateral integration

  • Fine motor coordination

  • Visual Skills



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