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Writing with Pen


Handwriting evaluations are about everything that contributes to forming the letters. Writing requires visual coordination, postural core strength, crossing midline skills, fine motor coordination, hand strength, and more. If your child has sloppy handwriting, has difficulty correctly forming letters or has trouble properly holding a pencil, they may benefit from occupational therapy for handwriting problems

Is child's handwriting:

  • Sloppy or illegible?

  • Significantly different from their peers’?

  • Inconsistent?

  • Does your child avoid writing tasks?

Is it more than just a matter of paying more attention, focusing, and slowing down rather than rushing through an assignment to get it done?

If you think your child is having problems with handwriting:

  • Find out if their teacher has similar concerns

  • Find out how you can support them at home

Not helping enough? It's time for an occupational therapy evaluation.

What will the O.T. evaluate?

  • Postural core strength

  • Bilateral coordination and crossing midline skills

  • Visual skills

  • Fine motor coordination

  • Motor planning skills

Challenges for kids with poor handwriting:

  • Anxiety

  • Frustration

  • Lower grades and test scores

How Occupational Therapy can help:

  • Develop a plan specific to your child

  • Provide strategies to improve handwriting

  • Improve underlying skills that are causing the handwriting problems through specific strength, coordination and visual activities.

Moving Parts Therapy LLC's handwriting therapy:

  • Parent attends sessions with child

  • Generally, sessions are 2-3 times per week

  • Each session is 35-40 minutes long

  • Insurance can cover some of the cost. see our Getting Starting page for insurance information.

What Our Clients Say


Mary Sahr, Occupational Therapist

Mary is an occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience in neuro-developmental treatment, visual-perception, sensory integration and fine motor therapies. She specializes in sensory processing disorders, dyspraxia/apraxia, developmental coordination disorders and handwriting. Mary is the owner of Moving Parts Therapy and the lead therapist with a Masters Degree in occupational therapy.

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